Welcome to Flawless

Making sure you look as amazing as you are is my main priority! As my client, my intention is to make you feel like a star with your very own personal beauty consultant.   At Flawless, my clients always comes first, and I constantly strive to exceed your expectations!


With my customized range of products and services, I will make sure you have exactly what you need to put your best face forward.  I will personally be here to provide you with expert guidance.  Like I said, I'm going to be "your" personal beauty consultant. 

About Us

If there is one thing you must know is that I am dedicated and I look forward to serving you in anyway I can to help you make it effortless to be the best Flawless you that you can be!


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Do you have tons of makeup and keep buying more in hopes of finding the "miracle" item that will make you look just like the woman in the ad?
How would you like to have your own personal beauty consultant, just like the stars?
How would you like to receive everything and I do mean EVERYTHING you will need for a completely flawless look PLUS additional information for any look?
How would you like to receive over 20 items to complete this look and any other look your heart desires?
How would you like these 20 items to be CUSTOM selected for you?  I will customize it for any skin color and type, no two packages are the same!!!
Have you watched video, upon video trying to show you how to get the "Kardashian look" or "look like Megan Fox" or such over the top, piled on makeup looks that you could never possible ever really want to wear in public?  How about you getting the "perfect me look"!
How would you like to have step by step personalized instruction on how to properly apply everything in your package, without stepping out of the house looking like a clown?
Do you think having the perfect skin is only for the rich, famous, surgically enhanced, photoshopped and/or airbrushed?  Think again, I can show you how with simple, easy steps you can achieve this in minutes.
Would you like to take 10-15 years of laugh lines, frown lines, forehead lines off your face, right before your very eyes in under five minutes?  I have that little miracle as well.
Would you like to have your own personal beauty consultant to contact any time you'ld like?  Imagine, a makeup consultant of your own that can answer all you burning beauty questions!
PLUS I will provide you with no nonsense steps for skin care that you can do yourself and they won't break your budget but everyone will think you're spending a fortune on facials and/or "work done"!
If you've answered yes to just two of these questions, you owe it to yourself not to pass up this opportunity.  Look, I was just like you...I accumulated more and more makeup, more and more colors, more and more this and more and more that, in hopes of finding the perfect "thing" that would make me FLAWLESS.  What it took me years to understand is that I was already FLAWLESS, every women is and the next "miracle" product out there wasn't going to spontaneously make my look come together, make me look brighter, give me the perfect ANYTHING...NO...I had to learn that the hard way and that was done through over 30 years of learning, watching, practicing and applying but the good news is, you don't have to go through that or wait 30 years, I'm give you that and more right now!!!
Did you know that ALL the makeup companies make products for a high end market, middle market and bargain market and guess what, the 3 grams of product in all the packages is EXACTLY THE SAME PRODUCT but they don't want you to know that.  So, they spend hundreds on advertising and fancy packaging to make you think that the higher end product is better, it's not!!!   It's made in the same place they make their middle end and bargain market products.  Now let me ask you, do you put the expensive packaging and advertising on your face or the product?  So why are you paying M*C's over the top prices for their fancy packages, when their M*ybell*** line (middle market) or their **** **** (bargain market) is the same product?  Same with L**c*me/L*rea* and ********!
I'm not here to knock any beauty product or company, really I'm not.  I'm here to show you a different way of doing things and buying things and applying the proper knowledge to bring it all together.  I've spent hundred of hours and thousands of dollars putting together what I think are the best no nonsense, top quality products so that you can put your most FLAWLESS face forward for any occasion with 100% confidence!
ALL THIS IS INCLUDED IN YOUR PERSONAL PACKAGE:  personal beauty consultant with initial instruction on how to properly apply everything in your package for any occasion, day or night, wedding or prom, whether your want to keep is casual or glamorous; everything you will need and then some to complete this look, you get over 20 different items, custom selected for you and only YOU;  skin care instructions that the rich and famous, expensive salons and spas have been using for years (you ever wonder what's in some of those mysterious, unlabeled bottles), all yours and you can do them in minutes; and lastly but very importantly, six FREE makeup consultations in addition to the package instruction, that you can use whenever you want within the next year.
I'm not just going to show you how to use the products in the package but I'm also going to show you how to properly use the products you've ignored because they didn't do the "miracle work" advertised on your first try.  You're going to love your makeup again and find the need to buy more and more, less and less.
Look, you can't lose...I'm here for you every step of the way!  You will now be my client and you are my top priority!
Please email me with any questions, concerns, ideas, suggestions or just to send a "hi flawless" my way at "flawless@consultant.com".