Natural African Black Soap Facial Cleanser:  Since this product is handmade naturally, always shake the bottle before EVERY use and as with all my items, a little goes a long way.  Put a little bit of this stuff, you don’t need a lot, either on a facial scrubby or between your hands and just wash as normal (preferably in upward circular motions), do not expect a lot of lather because there will be either very little or none depending on the quality of your tap water (remember, anything that creates a lot of lather is VERY DRYING to the skin).  After you pat dry, you will only feel the cleanliness of your pores closing after getting rid of all the guck it had in them and it’s a clean feeling not an over dried out feeling.  Do this twice a day and then follow it with the All Natural Rose Toner and then Perfect Facial Moisturizer.


All Natural Rose Toner:  Again, shake the bottle before EVERY use and as with all my stuff, since it naturally made without any added junk, you don’t need to use tons of it for it to work.  Lightly dampen a cotton round or cotton ball and wipe it all over your face.  Cotton rounds work better because I find that you can do the job with just one round and with the cotton balls, you need to use a bunch and they suck up more of the product than needed.  If you go over your face the first time and feel you’ve missed some spots, grab another round and again, lightly dampen it and do another swipe.  Do this at least twice a day and then follow this with the Perfect Facial Moisturizer and your good to go out the door or to bed, whichever the case may be.  ADDED NOTE - I keep mine in the fridge just for that added cool feeling, give it a try.


Perfect Facial Moisturizer:  A little of this amazing product goes a very long way.  Dip the tip of your pinky knuckle (not finger tip) in the moisturizer, you only need a little bit, then dot your face and neck and gently distribute in an upward motion, then wait about 5 minutes and you’ll see what I mean.  This stuff is truly amazing.  Because of the nature of this moisturizer, you don't need different moisturizers for day, night, winter, summer, etc.  You can control the moisture level with the amount you apply.  I for example apply more at night before bed and less during the day or under makeup and in the summer, a very light application and it's always better to start with less than more because your face absorbe it very quickly.  If after the first light application, you still feel you need a little more because you have dry patches, etc., add another thin layer and again, wait and your skin will just drink it up.  My mosturizer is packed with only the best ingredients including high grade Geranium and Helichrysum essential oils!  My “Perfect Facial Moisturizer” it good for day, night, under makeup…anytime!  It’s loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-aging, non-clogging ingredients and best of all, NO ALCOHOL and NO ADDED ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE!  Use this at least twice a day plus a thin application as the first step to your makeup routine.


Facial Serum Moisture Bar:  This is by far the most versatile product I have developed.  This can be used by anyone at any time.  You can apply it a little thicker for use as a before bed moisturizer; apply thinly in the morning under the “Perfect Facial Moisturizer” as a pre-makeup prep; or just apply it alone and walk out the door with a little mascara for the most amazing glow of your life.  Although all the yummy ingredients are face specific, it will work wonders on any dry patches anywhere.


Eye Magic w/Caffeine and Vitamin C:  This can be applied day or night.  In the morning before applying makeup or walking out the door but after cleansing, toning and moisturizing, apply a thin amount with your RING finger in a tapping motion on the delicate skin under your eyes and as with any moisturizer, allow your skin about 5-8 minutes to soak it in before applying any makeup.   This same process can be repeated before bed, but apply a bit more than you would during the day.


100% Natural Facial Scrub:  This is being sent out to you with two components, the wet and dry.  This product should be used no more than once per week if you have normal, combination or oily skin and no more than twice per week, for the first month and then once per week afterward, if you have dry skin.  It’s recommended that you use it the same time every week as follows: 


1)       Take ½ tsp of the dry product and place it in a tea cup or shot glass.  (You can use    less but I do not recommend using more.  It makes no sense to make more because     you will just be wasting it and you cannot save or store this for another use).


2)       Shake the wet product (African Black Soap Facial Cleanser) and pour ½ tsp into the   dry product.  (Again, don’t use more, it’s not necessary and you will just be wasting it.  If you used less dry product than the ½ tsp, use the same amount of the wet         product).

3)       With a disposable plastic knife, blend the items in the cup or shot glass till they are     completely combined.


4)       Wet your face with warm water and place a “dopple” on each cheek, forehead, nose,           upper lip and chin and then with the tips of your fingers, in a gentle upward circular       motion, work it all through your face for approximately 30 second the first four    times you use it and then work it up to 60 second or in between 30 second and 60   seconds (whatever feels most comfortable for you) but I would not recommend           more than 60 second with this or any scrub, you will do more harm than good if you scrub your face more than 60 seconds.


5)       Rinse it off with warm water and pat dry.


6)       Immediately following the pat dry, use the “Flawless Facial Moisturizer” sample          included (recommended) or whatever moisturizer you like most.  Dispose of any          remaining scrub (DO NOT STORE OR SAVE ANY MIXED PRODUCT FOR FUTURE USE.)


Complete Beauty Mask:  This is an amazing clarifying, brightening, tightening, anti-aging and exfoliating gentle mask.  This mask is good for dry, oily, combination skin and it works wonders for acne prone skin.  Make sure to wear a ratty shirt and use an old foundation brush to apply the mask because the yellowishness (this is the ingredient that helps brighten, clarify and heal your skin) ingredient won’t stain your skin but if you get it under your acrylics, it’s a bit of a b*tch to get out.  Now, pour out about a baby spoon (if you've purchased the full size version, I've included the spoon and don't make it a heaping spoon full, just a regular spoon full)portion into a bowl, cup, etc., add about the same size spoon of water and stir till smooth.  You can also use plain yogurt (recommended) instead of water.  Spread a thin layer evenly all over your face, EVEN under your eyes...yes, you heard me…it’s gentle enough to use on the delicate under eye area.  You don't need to glop it on; a thin layer will do just great.  Leave it on your face for approximately 20-30 minutes or until it's completely dry, then just dampen your face to soften it back up again and then just wash it off with the Natural African Black Soap Facial Cleanser.  I recommend you use it twice a week for the first two weeks, if you have problem skin of any type, continue the twice a week treatment for one month and then you can maintain the amazing results by using it just once a week thereafter.   


Eyelash/Eyebrow Serum:  Apply this ONLY right before your about to go to bed after you’ve washed your face with the Natural African Black Soap Facial Cleanser, applied your All Natural Rose Toner and the Perfect Facial Moisturizer.  Because this stuff is handmade and not made in large vats or batches, before you apply it, give it a little stir with a clean q-tip and then with that same q-tip, just apply one stoke to your upper lash line and one stroke to your lower lash line and then apply it to your upper and lower lashes themselves just like if you were applying mascara and then sweep some across each eyebrow.  If you've bought the full size version, I've most likely included a mascara brush (use on brows and lashes) and an eyeliner brush (use on upper and lower lash line).  Do this every single night and believe me, you’ll start to see some difference in as little as two weeks and a lot of difference in one month.  And if you have any excess on your mascara wand or q-tip, just squeeze it off with your fingers and lightly pat it (don't ever rub the delicate skin under your eyes) on the delicate under eye skin because remember, this is what I originally created this serum for.  Remember, a little goes a long way and because eyelashes and eyebrows are hair and hair needs conditioning, unlike other products that have nasty side effect, since this doesn't, you can use it indefinitely to keep your eyelashes and eyebrows perfectly conditioned.  

SUGGESTION:  Take a picture before you start this treatment and then one at one month and then at two months but remember, you must apply it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!


Lip Conditioning Treatment:  Apply this stuff as part of your skin care routine, as you would any other type of moisturizer. Take a tiny dab (again, you don’t need to use a lot of my product for it to work).  Lightly stretch out your lips in a smile and apply it to each lip in a light, vigorous, circular motion for about 10 seconds each and you’re done.  Now remember, you don’t need to slather it on all day long but I carry mine in my purse and use it whenever I can just because I love the fact that it doesn’t feel like a wax shield on my lips, my husband doesn't complain about kissing me when I'm wearing it and the all natural taste is oh so yummy but that’s just me.  You can use it twice a day and start seeing results in as little as 3-4 days and amazing results in 10. 


EMERGENCY Zit Zapper Paste:  Give the container a little shake before you open it.  If for some reason, it's a little dry, don't worry, just add just a few drops of the "Rose Water Toner" or plain water to it, recap it and shake and you'll be good to go.  It should move loosely in the container.  You only need a little dab of this paste on the pimple and just leave it alone.  The paste will dry and come off by itself and the pimple will be gone before it ever had a chance and if you already have a pimple, leave it alone...don't pop it and just put the "Emergency Zit Zapper Paste" on it and let it do it's magic.  It's best to be used at night before you go to bed that way you're not tempted to pick at it but it can be used any time of the day.  I like to keep mine in the fridge, something about the coolness that also helps kill the pimple.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is just a SPOT treatment not an acne cure! Also, it is not meant to be slathered ALL over your face on a daily basis...NO...NO...NO!


Vitamin-C Serum:  Again, shake before ever use.  I recommend using this no more than twice a weeks on newly cleaned skin because your skin needs time to turn over after this treatment and do it right before bed. Also, if you're also using the Complete Beauty Mask, I would do the Complete Beauty Mask treatment the day after I do the Vitamin-C Serum treatment. Use a cotton round and don't soak it, just dampen it and then apply it evenly all over your face in an upward motion.  One swipe across you entire face is all you need!  After a few minutes and if you have any open pimples, etc., you will feel a tingling sensation, this is normal.

EXTRA SUGGESTION:  This gives it an extra boost but it's not required, if you have any Vitamin-E capsules (DO NOT USE CREAMS AS A SUBSTITUTE), after you've had the Vitamin-C serum on your face for about 20 minutes, pop the Vitamin-E capsule and apply the contents on your face and then go to bed. Again, this is recommended but not required.  Remember, you MUST store this one in the refrigerator.


No-Poo Shampoo:  Wet your hair as usual; put no more than 1 oz of product in your hair (remember…you will NOT get a mountain of suds, as a matter of fact, if you have hard water, you won’t get ANY suds AT ALL.  Also, if you purchase the full size of this product, I’ve included a 1oz plastic bottle with your purchase, so that you can keep the rest of it in the refrigerator…IT MUST BE KEPT REFRIDERATED until you separate out the 1oz product you will be using that day) and rub it into your scalp and through your hair for about 1 minute, then rinse as usual; follow with the conditioner listed below.


This shampoo will not result in billowing sudsy foam being it lacks detergents, nor does it have the thick, pouring consistency of commercial shampoos. However, the perfect combination of ingredients that I compiled for you make for the perfect product to achieve the most amazing hair and scalp of your life and since it is concentrated, you don't need very much at a time since you will be starting on a new journey for the most amazing hair of your life and you will only be washing your hair once a week…YES YOU HEARD ME…ONLY ONCE A WEEK...with this natural product, your hair doesn’t need any more washing than once a week and you will only need 1oz or less for each wash.


You must be patient when it comes to switching your hair care from commercial to natural. There is often a “detox” period where you hair may feel stiff, sticky, oily, heavy, or dry. The myriad of synthetic products that are so often in our commercial shampoos and conditioners artificially coat the hair with plastic or protein polymers to make it look and feel undamaged. The more damaged the hair, the more porous it becomes; the more porous the hair, the more it absorbs these synthetic “protein” polymers (e.g. soy, wheat or oat proteins – that are NOT edible foods), plastic polymers such as PVP (petrochemical polyvinyl pyrrolidone) and gum coating agents.

Until the residues of protein and plastic polymers have been completely removed, your hair will take some time to heal from all the chemicals…leaving it feeling a little less than “ideal” but if you’re patient, the end result is well worth the wait!  Also, as new hair grows in to replace old damaged hair, you will be amazed at the difference. Then again, for some folks with very chemically damaged hair, you may not like the way your hair feels after the detox, because this natural shampoo contains none of the vinyl or protein plastic polymers to coat their hair to give you the artificial feeling that it is undamaged.  Just a heads up.

I didn't experience that "coating" on my hair that some women do when they switch to this more natural method but some people experience their hair more oily than normal but I didn’t. If you do experience this, push through and know that your hair will shortly get used to it and the payback is amazing.


Now, your transition doesn't stop with just my amazing "no-poo" shampoo because I will also tell you how you will never...EVER have to buy conditioner again and this part I don't even sell...I give you that information for FREE!!!


CONDITIONER:  Premix equal parts distilled water and apple cider vinegar.  You only need about ¼ oz at a time but you can premix about 4 oz worth and put it in the shower in a spritz bottle (this product does not need to be refrigerated).  After you rinse out the “no-poo” shampoo, spritz your entire head (top, bottom and through) with this natural conditioner.  Now roll it up and clip it to the top of your head.  DO NOT RINSE IT OUT!  I know what you’re saying “what about the smell”, by the time you’re done showering, it will be completely gone.  I recommend you use:  Bragg Organic – Raw – Unfiltered – Apple Cider Vinegar – With the “Mother’ but if you can’t find this, any organic, unpasteurized, gluten free ACV (apple cider vinegar) will do.


This combination of “no-poo” and ACV conditioner are meant to be used together and they will be the only things you will ever need to use again.  Also, you won’t experience the build up that is caused by regular shampoos and conditioners, so you will never have so switch products again.  After you use this method of caring for your hair and after the detox period (about one to four weeks) believe me, you will never, ever go back to commercial products again.


BEFORE YOUR GIVE UP…please email me ( and I will walk you through this.  Believe me when I tell you, it is beyond worth it!


FOLLOW-UP RECOMMENDATION – Follow the “No-Poo” Shampoo with the appropriate amount of Hair Serum.


Intimate Tightening:  If I haven’t included the use instructions with your package, please email me and I will get them to you ASAP.


All Other Products:  Please email me at for instructions on all other products.