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100% Natural African Black Soap Facial Cleanser


I've always loved authentic African Black Soap but find that it can leave your skin with a slight tights, dry feeling. It isn't drying but it can give you that feeling so I set about how to correct this and I've come up with the perfect 100% natural formula by adding my very own rose water to it and BINGO…no tight dry feeling whatsoever! I've found the perfect formula that I know your skin will love as much as mine does.

So, here you have it, my very own formulated 100% organic liquid African Black Soap facial cleanser. No animal fats, chemicals or artificial colors. Also, THIS HAS LITTLE OR NO LATHER because remember, anything that works up a large lather has a lot of drying agents in it. It can also be used as a body wash and shampoo (great for dandruff). Naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, so it’s an excellent acne treatment. 

Moisturize skin the natural way, and enjoy healthy silky smooth skin with organic ingredients such as dried plantain skins and cocoa powder just to name a few and the results are an amazingly effective all natural beauty product without a single drop of any harsh chemicals, stripping agents or additives.

* No Artificial Colors
* Bio-Degradable
* No Preservatives
* No Harsh Chemicals
* 100% Organic (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers)


Ingredients: Cocoa pod powder, plantain skins, palm kernel oil, palm leaves, rose water.

Also, if you suffer from acne, suffer no more! This is also a great anti-bacterial that stops acne in its tracks and unlike commercial products, you will not experience any uncomfortable drying or unnatural tightening of the skin. Just soft, clear, smooth, gorgeous skin.

This, as with all my products, are made to order. I don't have it premade sitting around in large batches waiting to ship out the minute a new order comes in. I don't even know how to begin making my products that way and I don't even want to try because like my dad use to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so it's staying in a "made to order" status. I make my products on Sunday for Monday morning drop. So rest assured that you product is 100% FRESH! Plus, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

When you first start to use it, you will notice a "purging" period of about a week where you skin starts to get rid of all the nasty stuff that it has stuck inside and after that, all you will experience is 100% gorgeous skin. 

100% natural and safe...I use this to bathe my grandson and he's never experienced a single day of cradle cap or skin rash whatsoever!

The perfect skin you've always wanted starts here!!


FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH ACNE OR OCCASIONAL BREAKOUTS:  Everyone knows that clean skin is the first step to controlling acne and/or occasional breakouts and a daily regime of the African Black Soap Cleanser; Rose Toner and Perfect Facial Moisturizer combined with the with the Complete Beauty Mask for maintenance and the Emergency Zit Zapper will make any skin problems a thing of the past!


INGREDIENTS:   SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING - Rose water, cocoa pod powder, plantain skins, organic palm oil; palm leaves; Xanthun gum; Liquid Germasil-Plus.


All Natural Rose Toner - Also have Rose/Chamomile/Lavender Toner


After years of buying astringents and toners who's only claim to acne curing fame was loading it with alcohol, witch hazel and overpriced fancy unnecessary non-benefiting, skin irritating fillers, I finally decided to do something about it and here it is just for you.

No harsh alcohols, stripping agents, uncomfortable "tingly" feeling just to create the fake feeling that it's actually doing something for you when it actually hurting your skin and best of all, it's 100% PURE AND NATURAL! All in all, it's just downright good for your skin. My product is made to brighten, refresh and even out your skin tone while balancing out anything that's unbalanced whether it be from external or internal forces. Made fresh to order and effective for any skin type, whether: normal/oily; normal/dry; acne; or sensitive.

Also, keep in mind when buying other "all natural" products that smell like roses, chamomile and/or lavender...guess what, an "all natural" toner doesn't smell like roses or any flower in its ingredients, if they do, it's because they've added a fragrance to it...which this product has none of that! My product is amazing but don't take my word for it, give it a try, I guarantee you and your skin will love it and it's better for your skin than anything fancy you've spent more than five times more on! So gentle, even your baby's delicate skin rashes and cradle cap can benefit from it!


FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH ACNE OR OCCASIONAL BREAKOUTS:  Well conditioned skin allows for your skin to keep bacteria and breakouts at bay.  A daily regime of the African Black Soap Cleanser; Rose Toner and Perfect Facial Moisturizer combined with the with the Complete Beauty Mask for maitenance and the Emergency Zit Zapper will make any skin problems a things of the past!  


INGREDIENTS:  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING - Distilled Water; Roses; Vodka; Liquid Germasil-Plus.


Perfect Facial Moisturizer - Your Face Will Love You For This


IMPROVED WITH GERANIUM AND HELICHRYSUM ESSENTIAL OILS!!! I''m so excited that I've been able to attain a these essential oils in the highest grade possible. They are very expensive but the benefits far out weigh the costs. For unbaised, detailed information on their amazing benefits, please follow the links below:

Perfect Moisturizer for All Skin Types! I finally did it...after years of trying, I've finally come up with a formula that: 1) works for all skin types, young or older: 2) doesn't cause break outs; 3) has major anti oxidant properties; 4) is a great anti-aging cream; 5) doesn't clog pores; 6) helps smooth and soften the skin; 6) absorbs quickly; 7) feels expensive BUT isn't!!! YEAH; 8) has no added yucky stuff...FRAGRANCE...ALCOHOL...FILLERS...NOT EVEN BEESWAX; and 9) it does exactly what a moisturizer is suppose to do...MOISTURIZE and keeps your skin soft and smooth!


1) If you think you have oily skin: Do you realize that the majority of people that have oily skin think that way because their skin is actually reacting to being starved of moisture? Yep, that's right. When your skin is not getting enough moisture, it fights back by over producing the skins natural oils and you get oily skin. If you give your skin the moisture it needs and deserves, it actually balances out and stops being oily.

2) All skin needs moisturizer. No matter what age, condition (acne, etc) or color, all skin types need moisturizer. Additionally, well moisturized skin retains its elasticity, smoothness, health and youthful look longer. In my opinion, moisturizing should start from birth.

3) Most of the stuff you buy that has “this" exotic ingredient and “that” special formula miss the mark because none of those filler ingredient do anything for you and actually hinders whatever little particles of moisturizing properties the cream actually has. So in fact, you’re buying fancy names, ingredients, labels and marketing that do nothing but make your wallet smoother!

How many times have I heard someone say to me "Oh, I got ***** at the **** counter. It cost me $$$$, it has (this expensive ingredient) that does (This and that) and it SMELLS so good!" Immediately, these are the problems I see:

1) Did you ever notice that the "makeup counter" that you bought this great skin care product or line from this month, will be offering you a "better" product next month? Why, because their regional manager told them that they have to reach the quota for that "new" product or else and not because they got this fancy ingredient in from the Amazon that will instantly make you 100 years younger; Also, just because the girl at the makeup counter is wearing a lab coat, that doesn't make her an expert on anything!

2) When it comes to moisturizers, expensive rarely if never means better! I've bought and tried every skin care cream around, I've even tried a $1,500 skin cream and wasn't actually made my skin look like an oil slick and at the same time gave me a dull, gray hue, go figure how that works. AND NO...I didn't pay for it...not that crazy, a large sample was given to me as a promotion.

3) A lot of the fancy names they give these "miracle ingredients" that are unknown to the world are exactly that, unknown and unknown as to what benefits or harm they can actually do. Also, the majority of product that say they have this expensive ingredient in them usually don't have enough of it to do anything whatsoever for your skins health. They just have enough of it in there so that the FDA will allow them to list it on the label. Hence, that's why it's called a "label ingredient" and won't do a dare thing for you. Ladies, the truth is that the only one that can give you an ingredient to actually have a significant earth shattering change to your skin is your dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

4) "Smells so good" ...this is my biggest you realize that for it to "smell so good" they had to add fragrance in there and added fragrance does nothing to benefit your skin, on the contrary, fragrance additives usually have alcohol or harsh oils and these ingredients cause more harm than good. Hey, I've even gotten duped by this a few years back when I got suckered in by the "Amore Pacific" counter at Neimen Marcus...the stuff smelled amazing and it cost about $600...well I wasn't dumb enough to buy it there, so I went online and only spent half that much (what an idiot I am) and got my "amazing smelling" face cream and guess what, it did nothing for my skin...zilch...nada as a matter of's sitting in my cream drawer along with the other 50 jars of junk I've bought through the years!!!

Bottom line is, a moisturizer should be good at one thing...MOISTURIZING because believe it or not, that is the one thing that most every skin type is lacking and it's the one and only thing that will keep your skin feeling soft and hence, looking and actually BEING youthful.

Because of these reasons, I've worked so very hard on this product. This is the one piece that has been missing from my puzzle and I've finally got it down pat. This is by far my crowning achievement. I've had formulas before that were good but nothing was perfect so it wasn't anything I wanted to share with anyone because I wasn't 100% satisfied with it but I've gone and done it now...I'm like a mad scientist and now that I have it, I want to share it with the world. It's taken me years on this one and I've been trying it now for months and my face loves it! Also, as I've said before, there is a reason I'm 47 and don't look a day over 35.

I call this product the "Perfect Facial Moisturizer" for a reason. Mainly because it does what it's suppose to do, "moisturize" and because you can adjust the moisture by how much you apply, it addresses any and all moisture issues you may have with your skin. No matter what skin type or condition you have, it will self adjust and address any problems and not unbalances anything that's already right. Remember, you can have different skin types throughout your life, have have different skin types throughout the year depending on the climate, area you live in, stress, etc. and unfortunately, since most products are "targeted" for a specific skin type, they end up fixing one things and at the same time unbalance the next but since my product is meant for ALL skin types and conditions, rest assured that your skin will just drink up my "perfect facial moisturizer" like a rainfall in the desert.

This product is so rich, creamy and concentrated yet your skin just drinks it up so naturally and that's exactly what I wanted. I wanted something that was amazing for your skin but didn't sit on top of it like a layer of crude oil! This has only good stuff in it and the best parts, NO FANCY INGREDIENTS, NO UNKNOWNS, NO ADDED FRAGRANCES and NO ALCOHOL! PLUS, I don't have 10 versions of it...this is my one and only! Also, I could list this product for a lot more and believe me it deserves an expensive price tag but that is not what I'm after, I want to give every women the opportunity to love their skin again and have their skin love them back by looking the best it can! I want your face to be smooth and your wallet to bulge in all sorts of directions!

Since my products are natural and not loaded with fillers and added junk, a little goes a loooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg way. SUPER CONCENTRATED!

1oz is well over a one month supply!
2oz will last almost 3 months!


INGREDIENTS:  SHAKE WELL - Cream base (water, cocoa, coconut, shea butter, glycerine, polyacrylamide & C13-14 isoparaffin & laureth-7, clyclopentasiloxane & dimethicone, polysorbate 20, diazolidinyl urea & iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, tetrasodium edta, hemp oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil); lanolin, cocoa butter, organic unsaturated palm; rosewater toner; argan oil, watermelon seed oil; geranium essential oil; helichrysum essential oil; Liquid Germasil-Plus.


FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH ACNE OR OCCASIONAL BREAKOUTS:  Keep in mind that even if you have severe, mild or just occasional breakout acne, your skin still needs moisture.  Be aware that sometimes breakout are triggered by your skins reactions to being starved of moisture and those so called "oil-free", chalky moisturizers will not cut it.  That is why I hear a lot of people complain and wondering why after using "oil-free" moisturizer, their acne seems to be getting worse...well, now you have the answer.  Well moisturized skin allow for healthy turnover of cells and thus, much healthier skin.  A daily regime of the African Black Soap Cleanser; Rose Toner and Perfect Facial Moisturizer combined with the Complete Beauty Mask for maintenance and the Emergency Zit Zapper will make any skin problems a things of the past!  


100% Natural Facial Scrub


Using a facial scrub makes your skin beautiful, youthful, regenerates it and gives it a healthy glow instantly. With benefits like that, you should be using a gentle facial scrub at least once per week (don't use any scrub more than once a week because it WILL cause more harm than good). This helps to get rid of the old skin cells that are laying on your skin, to make way for bright new skin cells. Scrubbing your face…GENTLY…I can’t reiterate that enough….is called exfoliation and should be part of everyone’s, female and males, skin care routine (I use this product on my grandson baby acne that he got on his cheeks and with this product and the cleanser, it works gently and amazingly). Using a facial scrub is very simple to do and if you use it the right one wisely, you will not damage your skin.

I work very hard on all my products to make them are fresh, natural, inexpensive (but feel expensive) and effective as humanly possible. My clients have achieved results from my products that they have never been able to achieve with commercial products costing 10 times more and having unhealthy, drying, and clogging, filler agents in them.

I’ve created this 100% natural facial scrub to achieve the best results as follows:

* natural exfoliant and an anti-inflammatory agent
* recommended for use on all types of skin, even the most sensitive skin
* INSTANTLY brightens and softens the skin without damaging it’s matrix
* evens skin tone
* can help treat acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes
* helps diminish scars and bumps
* amazing results to get rid of blackhead and whiteheads
* moisturizing and helps remove dead skin cells
* helps relieve symptoms of aging skin
* cleans gently and you can be confident that it is free of chemicals, irritating additives & fillers

As previously mentioned, my goal is for every women to achieve the most “Flawless” face they can in the healthiest most natural way without breaking their bank and this amazing product is no exception. Unlike my other products, which already come ready to use from the get go, this one had to be a little different in order for me to give you a substantial amount that would not spoil in a week if I had sent it to you premixed. I will send you the two components (wet and dry) that it takes and you just mix a tiny (equal parts) of both and within seconds, you have your amazing scrub. Literally, it takes under five second to put it together in your hand or small bowl and scrub away all the nastiness that is holding you back from having the amazing skin you deserve.


INGREDIENTS:  Oatmeal; baking soda; chia seeds; lavender & African Black Soap (sep)


All Natural Eye Cream w/Caffeine and Vitamin C – Amazing results on puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and tired eyes



I want you to read this that I read from because it is right on the money in its description of the problem:

“Age, Stress, as well as a variety of other factors contribute to the deterioration of one's appearance over time. This natural deterioration is especially evident around the eyes, specifically underneath the eyes. The most common evidence of this is the development of dark circles underneath the eyes, puffy under-eye skin, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles also known as crows feet.

While it is possible to alter one's lifestyle to counteract these developments such as getting more sleep, relieving stress, and ceasing unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and or excessively drinking alcohol, the truth is that there are many other reasons why these conditions develop. For example, if you have a family history of these conditions, and or are having congestion problems, you can also develop dark circles, puffy eyes, and fine lines and wrinkles. You can also develop these common skin conditions as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun.

While some plastic surgeons and dermatologists suggest injection therapy to combat these problems, a vast majority of consumers prefer to use topical, over-the-counter solutions. Cosmetics have advanced significantly in the last decade and under eye serums are no exception. Ongoing research in the area of peptides as well as thorough clinical testing has resulted in formulas that are not only extremely powerful, but are also safe as well. Injection therapy on the other hand, can be both risky and highly expensive.

Our staff has compiled a list of the top ten most effective eye treatments available online. These products were reviewed and rated on a variety of criteria including an evaluation of their ingredients, a comparison of clinical trial results, overall customer feedback, manufacturer's claims and finally cost-effectiveness.”

And it goes on to recommend ten products that range in the $70 and well beyond range but the scary part is that when I looked up the ingredients in these ten, I couldn’t think of a single place on my body that I would put any of these ingredients on…not even my BIG TOE NAIL.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that my product is a miracle. No, there is no product in the world, other than something a doctor can do and that has tons of side effects, that can COMPLETELY get rid of ALL the puffy, tiredness under your eyes or COMPLETELY get rid of those dark circles but I tell you what, my “Flawless Eye Magic w/Caffeine and Vitamin C” does an amazing job of greatly minimizing all these problems for less 1/10 the cost of the products I compared it’s results to. I didn’t buy any of the products listed on the above listed website; I actually went a step further and got a consensus from several of my professional friend as to what product, no matter the cost, they would recommend.

Yes, I…me…the one that makes all the most amazing products, went out and purchased a very high end under eye depuffing and lightening serum/cream that cost me around $249 dollars and I did an “eye by eye” comparison. Immediately I could feel a difference on the side that my product was on in the texture; smoothness; and overall softness of the under eye skin but remember, we’re after depuffing, reviving and lightening here, so let's stick to that for now. After applying it twice a day, around day 30, the difference between one side and the other was equal and at day 60 these were my results:

* The puffiness had almost completely disappeared;
* I no longer looked like I hadn’t slept in 3 days;
* I can now go without concealer if I want to.

This is not to say that all the problems had POOF, disappeared...remember what I've told you, anything that claims to be a "MIRACLE" product is just smoke and mirrors. With that said, since I've always taken care of my skin and never baked in the sun, my skin behaves pretty well and I don't have a lot of lines around my eyes but due to hereditary reasons, I've had dark circles and as I've aged, I've also gotten what's called "tired eyes" and this product has gone above and beyond all my expectations. Now, has all the the darkness gone away, goodness no but both my side and the $249 product side were equal in all aspects of the puffy, tired, dark circle problems.

Now, let’s get back to the rest. As quickly as day 14, the side that I put my cream on was softer; the makeup I did put there did not cake or crease because the texture had improved greatly; and I could definitely tell the difference in the fine lines I did have that were there before and were still on the other eye but were not as defined on the "Eye Magic" side any longer. MAJOR YEAH!!!! Also, the other product SMELLED SO GOOD and we all know what that means, yeah…lots of additives, fillers and ingredients that no one can pronounce and again, once I looked them up, they were ingredients I would never have put anywhere near my elbow much less my face if I hadn’t been doing this side by side comparison. A friend of mine also told me about a similar product made by another ALL NATURAL company that when I looked up their ingredients, this company was pretty impressive and I would use their products but my product still cost less than theirs and there were still way to many “certified organic” to my liking, listed next to the long list of ingredients in their product.

I can honestly say that I love my eye cream! Eye creams need to be light so as not to overload the delicate skin around the eye, yet hard-working, which means they need to be packed with effective ingredients. This cream is so light and fluffy that your under eye skin just soaks it up in an instant and as with all my natural products, a little goes a very long way because there are no fillers or artificial junk in it. 

The next step was to give it to everyone I know and see what their take was on it and what changes I could or should make to make this product better and the feedback was amazing. “Don’t change a thing Brenda! My eyes look better than they’ve looked in years!” I’ve also started using it on my clients as their pre-makeup under eye prep and the results are beyond any expectations. I’ve had several of them tell me, “I don’t know what you’re doing differently but this eye makeup job you did on me has been one of your best”…my little secret!!!

I did more than my usual major research on this one and I am beyond happy with everything about this product. I love all my products because of all the hard work I’ve put into all of them to bring you the very best and most natural based products I can and also; how effective they all are; how cost effective I can still keep them without risking quality; but I can safely say that this "eye magic" is now my favorite and I firmly believe that it will become your new “can’t live without” item in your skin care arsenal! Here are some of the great result of this product:

- reduction of puffiness 
- reduction of dark circles 
- reduced the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles 
- improved skin hydration & moisturization
- improved skin firmness/elasticity

This, as with all my products, are made to order. I don't have it premade sitting around in large batches waiting to ship out the minute a new order comes in. I don't even know how to begin making my products that way and I don't even want to try because like my dad use to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so it's staying in a "made to order" status. I make my products on Sunday for Monday morning drop.


INGREDIENTS:  Double brewed espresso; Coffee Butter; Lanolin; Coconut Oil; Hemp Oil; Avocado Oil; Watermelon Seed Oil; Baobab Oil; Espresso Powder; L-ascorbic Acid; Caffeine Powder; Germasil Plus; Coffee EO.


Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum - Healthy Solution w/No Side Effects


There are many types of solutions available with which many people seek to improve their eyelashes – these include: eyelash serums with skin discoloration side effects; permanent eyelash tints; eyelash extensions; heated eyelash curlers and even eyelash transplants. And we're not EVEN discussing the cost of most of these potentially harmful methods.

Whilst many of these types of solution may be great quick fixes for those seeking that look, this is not always a good long term option for the condition of your lashes as their growth will be stunted due to lack of oxygen or with some serums, you may be left with discoloration of the eyelid or the pupil itself. Sounded scary to me!

Well, I accidentally discovered a healthy solution to help grow your lashes fuller and even help regrow over plucked eyebrows. Like I said, I discovered it by accident when I was perfecting my eye cream for the delicate skin under the eye and although this was great is was “perfect” for that application but after 30 days I discovered that my eyelashes seemed fuller because I no longer had to put as much mascara on my eyelashes as I did before and after three months, I could go without mascara if I wanted to. Around month two, I decided to try it on my eyebrows and this worked even faster because within two weeks I had eyebrow hair back where it wasn't growing before due to over plucking and now I can shape my eyebrows how I want without tons of eyebrow powder....MAJOR PLUS!


I guarantee that within two weeks you will start to notice A LOT less eyelash fallout; in a month, the fullness and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows will be substantially enhanced; and by month two, complete major length and fullness; PLUS continued use will keep and maintain gorgeous, healthy eyebrows and eyelashes!  I recommend you take a picture BEFORE you start using my serum and then at the two week period; one month; and then two months and believe me, IF YOU'RE USING IT AS DIRECTED, the pictures will speak for themselves.

Another PLUS, where even the cheapest of the potentially harmful serums can cost upwards of $49.99, I'm selling mine for substantially less and my guarantee that you will absolutely love this stuff! I know I and all my friends do! Oh and remember, I started this stuff as a delicate eye skin serum, so you’re getting an all around amazing product!


This, as with all my products, are made to order.  I don't have it premade sitting around in large batches waiting to ship out the minute a new order comes in.  I don't even know how to begin making my products that way and I don't even want to try because like my dad use to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so it's staying in a "made to order" status.  I make my products on Sunday for Monday morning drop.


INGREDIENTS:  Rose water; Lanolin; Beeswax; Coconut Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Argan Oil; Lecithin; Olive Oil; Germasil Plus; Stearic Acid.


Complete Beauty Mask for ALL skin type and ANY skin problem


BEST KEPT MOVIE STAR SECRET! Have you ever seen those stars and models with perfect flawless skin and you've wondered how you could look as flawless and ageless without going broke? Well, I have that secret here just for you. A friend of mine that owns a very high end spa shared this secret with me and she charges $99 a treatment and I have a 3 month supply for you at 1/10th the cost of only one treatment.

This is a complete beauty mask because it addresses any and all issues you may have with your skin. No matter what skin type you have, it will adjust any problems and not unbalance anything that already right. Unfortunately, many products on the market will fix one things and at the same time unbalance the assured that your skin will love my "complete beauty mask",

I would recommend you use it twice a week for the first two weeks and then once a week there after for maintenance. If you have any additional issues with your skin (acne, etc), I would recommend you use it twice a week for a month and then continued maintenance by using it once a week thereafter. I'm not just ranting and raving, I've been using this mask and only this mask for over five years and I'm in my late 40's but don't look a day over 35. I have no breakouts, sun spots, uneven skin tone, dryness, flaking or oilyness and like I said, I don't look anywhere near my age.

This mask is excellent for soothing any skin issues (acne, flaking); brightening dull skin; and the best's loaded with anti-oxidants that fight all those nasty free radicals that are always fighting against you having the perfect skin you deserve. This mask leaves your skin so soft and subtle that I usually go without any moisturizer after using it!

My best friend started getting dry patches (she later found out it was psoriasis) and I recommended she try this mask on those spots along with my all natural African black soap cleanser and rose water and can you believe it, after about a month...the dryness was gone and you could hardly see where she had the patches (I am not stating that you use this in lieu of a medical treatment for you psoriasis, I'm just telling you what worked for my friend and since this is all natural, it can't can only help).


Flawless Lip Conditioning Treatment for the Perfect Pucker


I don’t know about you but one of the most constant problems that I’ve always faced is dry, chapped or cracked lips and no matter what I try, it is never enough or I have to reapply the stuff all day long and even then, most of the stuff just sits on top of my lips like a piece of wax paper. Nothing ever seems to penetrate them to really make any real, long term difference. Or how about the ones that are “medicated”, my lips aren’t “sick”, they don’t need “medication”, they need deep, long lasting, visible conditioning!

Also, have you noticed that after continued use of a lip product, you somehow end up having to put it on more and more often…why? Because since they all have fillers, waxes and extra junk in there that just sits on top of your lips and don’t actually penetrate to condition them, what actually happens is that with continued use of these products, your lips react to these junk filler ingredients and get drier and drier and believe it or not, the companies that manufacture these products are counting on that for their multi-million dollar a year repeat business. Hey, I was just like you, I have over 150 lips balms; salves; scrubs; etc. in a drawer that after a few uses, I realized that I was slathering so much on for the same effect that it looked like my lips were wearing a coat and not a single one provided me with any type of long term permanent lip health, until now.

I’ve designed this product to do what any other dry area of your body needs...moisturize! It doesn’t sit on top like crude oil. It is so light and airy that you can actually feel it soften and in as little as 3-4 days, you will see a definite difference in the feel, texture, color and overall plumpness of your lips because let’s face it, when skin of any type is properly moisturized to a healthy level, it plumps up and unlike other products, you don’t have to spend all day slathering this stuff on. Just put it on before you go to bed, when you wake up and as a pre-conditioner when you do you makeup, just like you would put on any other type of moisturizer on your face. That’s all it takes and you will see a difference in as little 3-4 days and in 10 days, watch out world, we’ll just start having to call you “Ms. Jolie”…lol!

This, as with all my products, are made to order. I don't have it premade sitting around in large batches waiting to ship out the minute a new order comes in. I don't even know how to begin making my products that way and I don't even want to try because like my dad use to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so it's staying in a "made to order" status. I make my products on Sunday for Monday morning drop.


Ingredients:  Cocoa Butter; Lanolin; Distilled Water; Organic Palm Oil; Honey; Argan Oil; Pumpkin Seed Oil; Spearmint Essential Oil.



Flawless Lip Conditioning Treatment - Thicker Formula


Many of my clients have told me how much they love my original "Lip Conditioning Treatment" but would like a thicker consistency and glossier here you have it. It has all the same properties as the original, which I still have and love the results but your wish is my command.

Please go to the original (see above) for the item description as it is the same product just processed and tweeked a little differently. The price difference between this one and the original is because of the tweeking; because it comes in a slightly larger container; and it's a lot more concentrated so as with all my products, a little goes a long way.


INGREDIENTS:  lanolin, honey, honey powder, cocoa butter, coconut oil; beta carotene; Stevia.


All Natural Yummy Lip Plumping Whip

Amazing all natural chocolate, ginger and cinnamon lip plumper with no uncomfortable stinging!!! There is only one way to describe this product...OMG!

I've been hesitant to debut a product like this because I'm not a big fan of those stinging "pepper" based products but since so many of my clients have been asking for it, I started working on it a while back and I've finally developed a product that I'm very proud to put my name on!

This is an intense all natural product with chocolate, ginger and just a hint of cinnamon that instantly plumps your lips and the natural earth tone shade compliments all skin tones. It looks much darker than what the color is when applied. It actually self adjust to your skin tone, so it can be worn alone or under/over lipstick and your lips will love you for it because it will make them plump, juicy and so very soft.

It met and surpassed all my biggest concerns:

* NO uncomfortable stinging
* NO nasty, overpowering taste
* NO nasty smell
* NO greasy, oily feeling
* NO bogus claims
* Can be worn as a beauty product by itself or over/under lip products
* Long lasting
* Anyone can use it no matter their skin tone
* Won't dry or crack lips
* Intensely moisturizing
* Won't irritate lips tissue, NOT even the most sensitive
* Works as an exfoliator
* Nice pouty plump!!!

So here you have it and like I said, it has met and surpassed my stringent demands and seeing as my clients (YOU) are my main concern, I know you will love it as much as I do! Believe me when I tell you that after the first 15 minutes that it takes for you to get use to the very light ting, the plumping effect will last well beyond that and it's not temporary, it's actually compounded. I cannot give you a specific "scientifically formulated" time frame because as I've explained before, all THOSE claims made by OTHERS are BOGUS! Everyone is different but one thing I can guarantee is that with every one of my guinea pigs (daughter included), I mean "carefully selected test subjects" (lol), it did moisturize, plump, did not dry anyones lips and it looked very, very pretty...unexpected plus!

This, as with all my products, are made to order. I don't have it premade sitting around in large batches waiting to ship out the minute a new order comes in. I don't even know how to begin making my products that way and I don't even want to try because like my dad use to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so it's staying in a "made to order" status. I make my products on Sunday for Monday morning drop.

Due to the lack of bogus fillers, this product is very concentrated and the 1/4 oz jar goes a very, very long way!


INGREDIENTS:  DO NOT REFRIDGERATE – Lanolin; Honey; Cocoa Butter; Unsweetened Cocoa Powder; confectioners Sugar; Ginger; Cinnamon; Cinnamon Essential Oil.


All Natural Vitamin C Serum - Made to Order - Guaranteed SUPER fresh


Vitamin C is a prime ingredient of collagen, the substance that binds cells together. Collagen metabolism and production are key attributes of healthy, radiant, younger looking skin. Collagen ingredients and ingredients that promote collagen production are widely used and advertised in body and skin care products. Collagen, in fact, depends on vitamin C, which implies the vitamin's importance to healthy, attractive skin. Stable collagen production fights wrinkles, and ensures evenness in the skin's tone and texture.

This all natural Vitamin C serum helps to speed up cell turnover and lighten dark spots. Additionally, since Vitamin C's function as an antioxidant, it also has added benefits to the skin, as it is able to protect the skin from damaging free radicals.

With that said, keep in mind that most all Vitamin C serums that you buy: 1) are over the counter and cost $59.99 and up; 2) have been there for a while, hence THEY ARE USELESS because Vitamin C Serum oxidizes VERY quickly; 3) if the product you are getting states to "use it every night", that means it has "other" ingredients in them to allow you to “use it every night” and therefore it's not "natural" Vitamin C serum; 4) “real” Vitamin C Serum CANNOT be used “every night”, only twice a week at most because your skin needs ample time to recover and turn over; and 5) even the ones that are "fresh, made to order", send you a large quantity at a time and again and since it oxidizes quickly, you pay for 2 oz but are only able to use 1/3 worth of good product because using it after it oxidizes will actually cause HARM to the skin.

Because of these reasons, it is imperative you get the right all natural product in the right quantity from the right person at the right time. Remember, even if you're getting a "fresh, made to order" product...if they are sending you a large quantity (2 oz is to much), it will not stay fresh very long and yes, maybe you only paid $14.99 but you're going to have to throw away 2/3 of your product.

Also, remember, "real" all natural Vitamin C serums should NEVER be used more than twice a week to allow your skin the needed turnover time and because the only way you can use it every night would be if it has "other" ingredients, therefore the Vitamin C portion of the product is probably not very effective because Vitamin C doesn't play well with anything else other than Vitamin E and I don't even include that in my 100% natural finished product. I will, on the other hand, explain to you how to incorporate Vitamin E for an added boost to your natural Vitamin C serum.

I make the serum to order. I will not...NOT make the product till right before I am ready to go to the post office on Mondays with your package and even then, I package it in such a way so that you experience no loss of product or harm to your skin due to oxidation. I've tested is over and over again and if you follow my instructions exactly, your product will stay fresh through and through. Even through my product does not turn "yellow" as most of them do and I can still feel it working, even after it's been in my fridge for four weeks, I want to guarantee that what you are using is 100% FRESH so that is why I package it the way I do.

Please keep this in mind when you're considering buy another product because they are sending you 2 oz at a time for "only $14.99". The 2 oz your getting will only be good for one month and then it will actually be TOXIC to your skin. Yes, you heard will be HARMFUL for you to use any remaining portion after the one month mark. My 3-1/3 orders will actually be three months worth of product because the 1/3 order you use as a time is a perfect, non-toxic portion for one month.

My very powerful, "all natural" Vitamin C serum is a must have for brighter, firmer, more radiant and youthful, healthy skin.

Because of the required freshness of this product, I only make and ship it on Mondays so it doesn't sit around a post office all weekend. Shipping and reshipping within the US is FREE, including Alaska and Hawaii. International buyers would have to pay an additional shipping fee. 

PLEASE NOTE: Vitamin C Serum is a very, very effective anti-aging; anti-acne and all around great skin care product but because it is "acidic" it may be harsh on super sensitive skin. I have super sensitive skin and I have no problems with it but I'm not your doctor, so I don't know how your skin will handle it. If you have ANY allergies, skin issues, or sensitivities, I recommend that you NEVER, EVER buy products on line from me or anyone for that matter. Never buy any skin care product from anyone other than your doctor or prescribed by your doctor.


EMERGENCY Zit Zapper Paste - Kill the Pimple on the Spot


Did you ever wake up with a pimple out of no where? Or, you can feel one brewing right under the skin? Well, I've come up with a natural solution for this dilema and works on the spot!

My "Emergency Zit Zapper Paste" will kill the pimple in its tracks. It will suck it dry! This stuff is not meant to be slathered all over your's meant for those times that you want that impending pimple gone...gone...GONE on the spot!

You only need a little dab of this paste on the pimple and just leave it alone. The paste will dry and come off by itself and the pimple will be gone before it ever had a chance and if you already have a pimple, leave it alone...don't pop it and just put the "Emergency Zit Zapper Paste" on it and let it do it's magic.

As with all my products, I don't make this stuff in huge batches and leave it lying around. This stuff is made to order, so what you get as a fresh product. This is not a huge container because you don't need a lot of this product because just a dab will do just fine.


INGREDIENTS:  Rose Water; acetylsalicylic acid; turmeric; tea tree oil


Ladies Intimate Tightening Product – All Natural


This is a little known natural product recipe that has been practiced in India for centuries and passed down for generations to help the females go back to their "pre childbirth" feminine "size". This is also used by women that have been married for a long time but want to retain that "pre-experienced" feel. This recipe is all natural and works the first time - and every time you use it.

The females that use this are very happy....and their husbands even more so. You will not be disappointed and it's a great opportunity for ladies to "surprise their spouses". I will ship you the all natural product (I don't mix, touch or mess with it. It's all natural and works all on its own) to the buyer along with complete instruction on how to use it.

This is a non-irritating, non-stinging product and the results last up to 8 hours. It can be used as many times per week as you want and with prolonged use, the "tightened" effect becomes more and more permanent. 

Ladies, I didn't discover or make this's been used by women all over the world for 100's of year, I just found the secret and after sharing it with some of my friends, they asked "why doesn't everyone know about this" and bingo...the idea was born.




We all know that I love skin care and although some may think that primer is a makeup product, since it is part of the "prep" portion of the makeup process, I felt that it fell within the scope of what I do best...helping you be as flawless as you can without spending a fortune but feeling expensive.

I've been in the makeup industry for over 25 years and have seen many, MANY changes and one of the most exciting advances I've personally loved has been the introduction of primer. Back in the day (geez...) we knew that skin prep was important so we used moisturizers but that didn't do much for controlling makeup shine through; smoothing out the skin/fine lines before foundation or powder; and making makeup last without having to cake on pounds of powder.

Well, we have gotten through some decades without using primers, so why start now, right? Wrong. Primers were invented for a reason. The tendency is, if you do not have a perfect, porcelain face, your make-up will start to crack, melt and change colors withing 2 hours. Using a primer prevents these things from happening. For us oily-faced ladies, we GREATLY need this. I cannot stress how important this is. It absorbs the oil from the face and keeps it from ruining our foundation. The foundation basically sits on top of the primer so it won't get absorbed by the skin. For those of us with dry skin, it doesn't allow that foundation or makeup to slip into the dry patches and make us look like we're 110 and again, your end result is a flawless finish!

When you think of your beauty bag essentials, face primer probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind (or even the second or third!). But when temperatures soar up or down or you want your makeup to last past brunch, it can be your best friend!

Face primer helps your makeup glide on easily, provides slip as we call it, and look more natural. It can even help soften fine lines, acting as a temporary "filler". Most importantly, it helps your makeup stay put with minimal touch-ups.

Now, beside the quality of most commercial primers, and believe me, I've tried them all trying to find the perfect one and as with most of my hit or missus, mostly missus, I have a drawer full of this "stuff", some of which have cost me well into the $50 plus range, that actually make the finished makeup look "look" worse than if I hadn't put any primer on at all. The next issue is "all natural" primers...listen, I'm the first one to strive as closely as possible to natural as I can, but unfortunately, the only primers that really, really work, MUST have some type of silicone base. I've tried the "all natural" ones made with berries and natural oil, etc. and although they were great for making my skin soft (moisturizer), they ALL fell flat when doing what a primer is intended to do, prime the skin for a shine free, long lasting, smooth application.

With that said, I wanted a product that:

1) Didn't require you to use A LOT of the product.
2) Will work on any skin type
3) Will not cause breakouts
4) Provided all the best qualities of our favorite primers...BUT BETTER!
5) Didn't cost a fortune but felt and worked better than the EXPENSIVE commercial brands.

So here you have it! I've spared no expense in producing my "Flawless Primer" for your enjoyment. I use the best component ingredients that I found in my favorite commercial primers and taken it a step further. If this is not the best primer you have ever tried...for any misses the five points I've listed above for you, please return it for a full refund! Other than feedback on how to make it better, there will be no questions asked for your refund!

This, as with all my products, are made to order. I don't have it premade sitting around in large batches waiting to ship out the minute a new order comes in. I don't even know how to begin making my products that way and I don't even want to try because like my dad use to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so it's staying in a "made to order" status. I make my products on Sunday for Monday morning drop.


INGREDIENTS:  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING - cycolomethicone, dimethicone;  microsilica spheres (HDI/Trimethylol hexyllactone crosspolymer and silica); and wrinkle blur (dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer and silica)





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